Swimming Pool Deck

A client needed a new wooden deck to compliment their above ground pool. It had to have enough space to add patio furniture, without taking over the whole back yard. I belive that result was achieved and they were really pleased with the results. I do indoor and outdoor projects, year round. If it’s made with wood, I can build it.

Mahogany Deck

This Mahogany Deck with Built in Benches was custom built for a client in Edgartown, Massachusetts. Different woods and materials to choose from make the possibilities limitless. Everything is custom made to the client’s liking.

Farm Stand

I created a farm stand for this client who was thrilled with the final product. This design could be implemented in a number of ways to suit your needs. Weather it is a farm stand, a guest house or outdoor storage – I can build it to your specifications.

Carriage House

With the assistance of only one team member, we took on an overall of a Carriage House. We applied shingle siding, installed the roof and all of the interior and exterior finish. This was all done in the dead of winter, as I work year round. This can be very accomodating to those with summer homes who want to enjoy the property during the warmer seasons.

Cedar Siding

No, this isn’t’ a new house. This is the end result of a project I did on Chappaquiddick Island in Marthas Vineyard. There was rotten wood and deterioration, so I removed that and replaced it with white cedar shingle siding and trim. It completely improved the look and maintenance like this can make your home last longer and stay looking great. Improving your property is what I do best.

Outdoor Showers

These outdoor showers are popular with people who have swimming pools or live near the beach. I can create this from almost any wood that you can custom choose to fit your needs and budget. Rather than having a plain shower-head outside, they decided to have me spruce it up with these wooden enclosures to offer a little privacy while also making it look like part of the house. All designs are Carpentry By Allen originals.

Custom Outdoor Structure

A client requested a unique cabin/shed that would look great on his property. I made this two story structure that includes a rope railing system on its front deck. If you look close, you can see various symbols built into the wooden siding. This person wanted something fun but professional looking and was very pleased with the finished product.

Porch Railing

There is no project to big or to small. This client needed new hand railings on the back porch. I was tasked with keeping it on a budget while also making them look appealing while also being sturdy. This is a small example of what I can build for you.